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Shopping Tips

How do you find low prices for your bookings? Here you'll find tips that may help you keep costs down, understand why prices vary and take the best deals.


Book Recommended hotels. These are special reviewed hotels by our team and in our opinion are the best options to booking due to relation between quality and rates. You'll find recommended accommodations in all destinations around Cuba.

Read descriptions carefully. Some hotels offer different options at similar prices. Details, such as breakfast included in the price, can make all the difference in the value you receive for your travel dollar.

Consider the season you're traveling. Cuba hotels typically offer the same rates throughout the week, but those rates may vary by season. Off-peak rates, available when fewer travelers are visiting a particular city or region, can represent substantial savings.

Buy cancellation weaver option. If don't sure with you travel dates to come to Cuba, you can purchase an cancelation weaver for an small fee and save your money for hotels reservation cancellation penalties.

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