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Useful tips for travelers


In most places, the electricity is single-phase, 110 volts, 60 Hz. Outlets with 220 volts are also available in the hotel network. If your electric plugs have round prongs, we recommend that you bring a flat-prong adapter.

How To Get Around

Cuba has an extensive network of highways and other roads. Traffic is on the right, and the international system of road signs is used. You can rent a car-either with or without a driver-taxi or motorcycle at any tourist center. Moreover, there are many regular and charter flights inside Cuba. Drivers should be particularly alert in rural areas to avoid hitting animals that may wander onto the road and in urban areas to watch out for cyclists. It\'s a good idea to take a map along.

What To Wear

In general, we recommend cottons and other cool fabrics, with lightweight wools and gabardines for the winter and in air-conditioned areas. More formal wear is required in theaters, concert halls, cabarets and luxury restaurants. In the rainy season, you\'ll be glad you brought your raincoat. Be sure to include sunglasses, a swimsuit and some sun screen.


You don\'t need to get a vaccination in order to come to Cuba. You can drink the tap water, but we recommend that you stick to bottled water, for more protection against tropical diseases. Most of the hotels have doctors and nurses on call 24 hours a day, and there are clinics for tourists in the largest cities.


Every hotel, villa and airport has shops in which you can buy Habano cigars, Cuban rum and coffee, fruit juice, canned goods, cassettes, videos, postcards, toiletries, books, maps, posters, T-shirts and other products. The main tourist regions also have several networks of specialty shops. We strongly recommend that, if you want to buy Habano cigars, rum and coffee, you get them in these stores, because quality isn\'t guaranteed elsewhere.

Extensions and Other Changes in Tourist Plans

To extend your stay in Cuba or change the kind of tourist plan you selected before coming to Cuba, ask the tourist bureau in your hotel for assistance.

Taking Photos

You may take photos and videos wherever you like except in military and other restricted areas (which are marked). Museums have their own regulations. The best time for taking color photos is between 9:30 and 11:30 a.m. and after 4:00 p.m.

Public Safety

Cuba is one of the most safe country of the world, with a low crime-rate. Public peace is ensured in streets by lots of young police officers always willing to help in case you need them, though they do not speak english.

Although you should take note of the following advice: do not take more money with you than you need; do not be careless with your belongings and purchases; take good care of your wallet and passport in crowded places, we suggest you keep them in your front pocket; get rid of so-called tourist guides "jineteros"; keep your jewels and valuables in the room safe.

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