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Airports Information

Need to know the three-letter code or phone number for an cuban airport? Check our list of national airport codes, address and phones. Consult the basic guide of facilities and services on the Havana airport.

Update August, 2005

HAVANA - Aeropuerto Internacional JOSÉ MARTÍ

Basic practical guide

Aeropuerto Internacional José Martí, Cuba

The Aeropuerto Internacional José Martí (airport code: HAV) in operation for more than 50 years and located 15 Km to the Southwest of the Havana City, it's the main door from the world to the excellent Cuban tourist destinations.

Address: Avenida Van Troy y final, Rancho Boyeros, Ciudad de la Habana, Cuba.
Terminals: 3 terminals, plus one only operated by Aerocaribbean.
     Airport: (53 7) 249 5777, 266 4644
     International flights (Terminal 3): (53 7) 266 4133
     National flights: (53 7) 649 5576
Fax: (7) 649 5723
World time : GMT -05:00 (GMT -04:00 in summer time)

Connection between terminals
There are services of buses whose frequency depends on the operational schedules of the airport.

How to arrive by road
From the Havana City take the Avenida Rancho Boyeros until the street Van Troy, and turn right until the end.

The airport has several parkings. The Terminal 3 (International) it has 750 squares. The Terminal 2 (International), it has 500 squares. In all cases they are outdoors and the biggest distance doesn't exceed the 150 meters until the Air Terminal.

Rent a car companies
The offices or sales points can be found in the areas of flights arrivals in air terminals.

How to arrive in public transportation
Taxi: The Panataxi and Transtur Taxi companies, operate continually from the airport. The travel in taxi to the city are 20 or 30 minutes approximately.

Minibus: Most of the Tour Operators offers a service of minibus door to door. The passengers that don't go with tour operator can use the minibus organized by the same, previous coordination with these.

Information services
The airport has information isles in the exits area and in the arrivals of the Terminals 2 and 3. Also exist several points of tourist information.

The airport has office of change for foreign currencies and bank open the 24 hours of the day. There is a post office, internet connection and telephone booths.

Bars and Restaurants: There are also bars, restaurants and open coffees the 24 hours.

Purchases: There are enough stores (included the tax-free ones) among those that stores of tobaccos, drinks and liquors are included, pharmacies, books, magazines and newspapers distributed by the three terminals.

Other facilities: Pharmacies.

Business, conferences and meetings
The airport VIP rooms, reserved to the passengers of first class, are in the area of arrivals and in the Exit zones of the Terminal 3 (tel: 7 642 6225 / 7 649 0071). They have telephone, fax service, photocopies, televisions, slight refreshments, open bar, presses and reserved.

Facilities for discapacity passengers
The airport have facilities adapted for passengers with reduced mobility, with elevators, toilets and adapted booths. The passengers with discapacities will inform in advance to their air company about the special attendance that they will require.

Hotels in airport
There are not hotels in the airport. In the area of the Vedado and Old Havana, in downtown, are a great selection of hotels. propose you in Vedado: Hotel Melia Cohiba and Hotel Nacional de Cuba, in Old Havana: Hotel Santa Isabel, Hotel Los Frailes and Hotel Comendador.

To get additional information on the Aeropuerto Internacional José Martí of Havana City, you should call to the (53 7) 249 5777, or to the (53 7) 266 4644.

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