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CUC Convertible Currency

Due to the recent regulations established in Cuba related with the circulation of the USD in cash, from date November 8th 2004, all payments in cash should be done in CUC (Cuban Convertible peso).

US Dollars in cash won't be accepted as a payment for any service (hotels, restaurants, taxis, shops, cinemas ect) in the island. The CUC (Cuban Convertible peso) can be acquired in any Exchange Houses available in the country or in the Banks at the exchange rate of 1 USD = 0.92 CUC (Pesos Cubanos Convertibles). This change of cash will have a tax of 10%. When leaving the country, the remaining CUC can be changed in the Exchange Houses available at the Airport at a rate of 1 USD = 0.92 Pesos Cubanos Convertibles (CUC)and won\'t be applied any tax for this.

Any other currency in cash, can be changed to CUC considering the current exchange rate with USD, considering 1 USD = 0.92 Pesos Cubanos Convertibles (CUC) no tax will be applied.

All payments in USD by means, bank transfer or credit cards (not issued by EEUU bank) will keep as it is now without any tax applied, considering 1 USD = 0.92 Pesos Cubanos Convertibles (CUC).

Cuban pesos, or moneda nacional, can be used at local venta libre stores, cafeterias and street stands, cinemas, and many other businesses away from popular tourist destinations. Cadeca, with kiosks throughout Cuba, changes currency at fair rates.

Credit cards or traveller checks issued by US companies are not accepted. A Visa or MasterCard (or two) issued by a non-US bank is the way to go.

Direct payment in Euros can be made in Varadero, Cayo Largo, Jardines del Rey, Santa Lucia beach in Camaguey, Covarrubias beach in Las Tunas, and beaches in Holguin (Guardalavaca, Don Ling, Esmeralda, Pesquero).

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