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Communications & Cell Phones

Public telephones are widely available, and large numbers of public telephones have been installed that use prepaid debit cards, also widely available at CUC 10 and 20.

To make international calls from Cuba: Mark 119, followed by the country and area codes and then the number you want.

To make calls directly to Cuba: Mark your country outgoing prefix, followed by the 53 (Cuba code) and province code and then the number you want. The province codes are listed below:

  • Pinar del Río, province capital: 82
  • Valle de Viñales: 8
  • La Habana, cuban capital: 7
  • Matanzas, province capital: 45
  • Varadero: 45
  • Playa Girón y Playa Larga: 45
  • Santa Clara, province capital: 42
  • Remedios: 42
  • Caibarién: 42
  • Cienfuegos, province capital: 432
  • Cayo Largo del Sur: 45
  • Sancti Spíritus, province capital: 41
  • Trinidad: 419
  • Topes de Collantes: 42
  • Ancón: 419
  • Ciego de Ávila, province capital: 33
  • Cayo Coco: 33
  • Morón: 335
  • Camagüey, province capital: 32
  • Playa Santa Lucía: 32
  • Florida: 32
  • Playa Covarrubias: 31
  • Las Tunas, province capital: 31
  • Holguín, all province: 24
  • Granma, all province: 23
  • Santiago de Cuba, province capital: 22
  • Baracoa: 21

Cell phones

Cuba use the technology TDMA and GSM, but not in all areas. TDMA is the standard US frequency used in Cuba and, is nationwide. For those with GSM phones on the frequencies of 1900 and 900 there is local coverage in both Havana and Varadero only.

If your phone is duel band GSM (1900 and 900) then you will simply need to order the chip from us. If your phone is the TDMA or multi-band including TDMA then, it will need to be programmed upon your arrival. Reprogramming is sometimes not possible because some phones are blocked by the supplier to there own network.

Cell phones companies in Cuba:

  • Cubacel - TDMA technology
  • CCOM - GSM technology


Practically all hotels offer reception and sending of fax messages both within Cuba and internationally for guests and non-guests alike.


Some visitors bring laptop computers and portable printers for use in Cuba, but temporary internet connections for visitors are not yet available for everywhere. Anyway, you can find this service in some places, such as:

Ciudad de La Habana: Hotel Nacional de Cuba, Hotel Meliá Cohiba, Hotel Meliá Habana, Hotel Habana Libre Tryp, Centro Internacional de Restauración Neurológica (CIREN), Club Habana, Villa Panamericana, Capitolio de La Habana, Cámara de Comercio de Cuba, Empresa CITMATEL, Hotel El Bosque, Hotel Bello Caribe, Hotel Telégrafo, Hotel Neptuno-Tritón, Hotel Copacabana, Hotel Riviera, Hotel Victoria, Hotel Presidente, Hotel Inglaterra, Hotel Plaza, Hotel Sevilla.

Varadero: Hotel SuperClubs Puntarena, Hotel Tuxpan, Hotel Kawama, Hotel RIU Las Morlas, Hotel Iberostar Barlovento, Hotel Varadero Internacional, Hotel Cuatro Palmas, Villa Cuba, Hotel Arenas Blancas, Hotel Solymar Beach Resort, Hotel Arenas Doradas, Hotel Iberostar Taínos, Hotel Playa de Oro, Hotel RIU Turquesa.

Cayo Largo: Hotel Sol Club Cayo Largo

Cayo Coco-Cayo Guillermo: Hotel Sol Club Cayo Coco, Hotel Meliá Cayo Coco, Hotel Sol Club Cayo Guillermo, Hotel Meliá Cayo Guillermo, Villa Cojímar.

Holguín: Hotel Costa Verde.

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